Why choose us

  • Honesty & Professionalism

As a local tour operator company, we have a sense of responsibility to create the best tour for travelers. We commit to fulfill our duty by taking measured steps to reduce the negative effects of the travel industry. In our business, safety is the most important priority for travelers. Every tour that we create is meticulously planned to ensure all travelers are safe from the first book in Viet Express Travel.

  • Always on support – 24/7 

From your first email or phone call, we will always be with you 24/7 to help you create a perfect plan for your trip in Vietnam. Even though you are in the journey or you are safely home, we will be with you to response your feedback and give our gratitude to your belief.


  • Local & Knowledge

We are the professional tour operator company working many years in Vietnam tourism with wide knowledge about the culture and history of destination. We will help you research the best tour product and create a perfect plan that is suitable for your character. We are proudly to help you get the local & unique experiences.

  • Comfort & Flexibility

We know everyone has their own travel style and that’s why we work with you to create a memorable experience in Vietnam. Our professional team will always listen and arrange your desires to make you satisfied. We organize flexibly whatever your travel request is Cultural & History, Nature, Adventure or Trekking tour. We focus on your need and we understand how to give you the best option for your request.


  • Value your experience 

We strive to achieve professionalism and customer satisfaction by providing world class hassle free personalized service to all our guests. To bring you the new experience and new value!

The distinguished traveler requires as much flexibility as possible and a wide range of choices. Viet Express Travel always maintains the customer-oriented service and focuses on the individual behind the customer, because we understand that every customer is different.

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