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Family Express Train is an in the same as a luxury train on the Hanoi – Sapa route. This train can accommodate 52 passengers with luxury cabins. Family Express has two types including 2 Beds and 4 Beds. This cabin is designed with individual reading lights, room for management, air conditioning system, wood paneling and other utilities.


Family Express Train is one of the newest trains running Hanoi-Lao Cai- Hanoi route. With adequate equipment, cozy atmosphere and impressive decoration, Family Express Train is able to offer interesting journey with reasonable price compared with other high-class trains. With the distance from Hanoi to Sapa (Lao Cai station) is 294 km, we hope that each passenger will be a great experience in their trip by Family Express Train.


Though being not listed in the high rank as other top-class train coaches, Family Express Train still offers adequately-equipped furniture including in comfortable berths, air-conditioner, cozy light system, clean toilets, reading lights, ensuring to bring passengers a sound sleep. Natural wooden paneled cabins tends to evoke a cozy and warm atmosphere in this Sapa tourist train and moreover, the mood of passengers surely can be lightened thank to a dose of decorating cheer in the train.


1. From Hanoi to Lao Cai

SP3: Hanoi to Lao Cai ( 22:00 pm – 06:05 am )

Ticket exchange location: Tran Quy Cap station ( behind Hanoi station ) 
Drop off point: Lao Cai station
Departure time: 22:00 pm
Arrival time: 06:05 am ( scheduled )


2. From Lao Cai to Hanoi

SP4: Lao Cai – Hanoi ( 21:40 pm – 05:30 am )

Ticket exchange location: Lao Cai Station 
Drop off location: Tran Quy Cap Station
Departure time: 21:40 pm
Arrival time: 05:30 am ( scheduled )

Pros & Cons


  • Having a separate wash basin to wash hands; clean and large toilets having aroma of cinnamon.
  • The VIP 2-berth cabin will always be arranged in the middle of the coach in order to give passengers wonderful and deep sleep.
  • Besides the listed amenities as slippers, snacks or biscuits, mineral water, large luggage storage and paper cup for free, fruits are also served freely in cabin; and tea and coffee placed in the end of corridor are always free to serve.
  • Family Express Train offers the cheapest ticket price compared to the one of other trains running on the same route.
  • Professional and hospitable staffs.


  • Because of its position that is nearest to the locomotive compared to other trains, it gets slightly noisy. However, it does not affect much to passenger’s sleep.


Special note

  • Our price shown in USD per person for one way ticket
  • VIP cabin 2 berths ( it is set up from cabin 4 berth – folding 2 upper berths )
  • VIP cabin/ cabin 2 berth must be bought in whole. Single person who travels on VIP cabin must buy both tickets
  • Free transfer from our office in Hanoi to the train station (one way)
  • Free transfer from Laocai to Sapa by shuttle bus or minivan
  • Free of charge for children under 5 year old sharing parent‘s existing berths
  • Ticket price does not include meals on the train but include snack and drinks
  • The charge of ticket price in holiday season is 30%
  • The restroom is not in cabin and only opened when the train runs

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22-05-2024 Soft berth Vip Berth


  • 22:00 HANOI
  • 06:05 LAO CAI



23-05-2024 Soft berth Vip Berth


  • 21:40 LAO CAI
  • 05:30 HANOI


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